Best Rod and Reel for Saltwater Fishing: The top 5

Best Rod and Reel for Saltwater Fishing: The Top 5



When I had relocated back to Florida Last year, I realized that I had left my only two spinning combos behind. With that, I’ve been on a hunt to replacing them and have been researching different types of rods and reels available. Now before, I just bought any kind fishing combo that looked nice to me not knowing the first thing about them. Since I have done some research, I am better equipt to make a choice on what I need.

I’ve decided to create a post on the best rod and reel for saltwater fishing I found and to share them with others who may be interested in fishing for the first time or someone who may want to update their collection. As I mentioned before, I am an amateur angler and whatever I learn about this sport I will share my findings with you here. Please come back from time to time and see how I grow this website. I will be offering some goodies free in the near future for all of my readers, so come back soon.

I had researched 5 different rods specifically for saltwater fishing and I was very pleased with my findings. I have made my choice and will reveal my chosen one here in just a bit. Please note that the combos presented here can also be used in freshwater applications too.





Amazon’s Bestseller

Best Rod and Reel for Saltwater Fishing: The top 5



The all-purpose spinning fishing combos: R-spider DL fishing rod combos is a great choice for everything from lighter freshwater to medium saltwater fishing applications.

Ideal for gamefish including freshwater fish like bass, walleye, and trout as well as popular inshore species like redfish, speckled trout and flounder.

Included in this kit are one telescopic rod, one reel and an assortment of artificial bait, jigs, and a spool of braided line.


The telescopic rod is constructed with carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass making it strong and heavy-duty, thus allowing for greater sensitivity.

The guide (rings) and the nylon reel seat are made with stainless steel allowing it to handle the corrosive elements of ocean fishing.
The rod is very portable when closed up together making it easy to carry with you in your bag or your glove box.

EVA knob makes it non-slip and more comfortable for those long days of fishing. It is very portable and lightweight, easy to travel within your car or luggage to your favorite fishing holes.


The reel is lightweight with a fiber-reinforced graphite body and rotor. It has a gear ratio of 5.1:1 and with a 12 ball bearing and +1 instant anti-reverse bearing allows for smooth and consistent movement.

To prevent the line from slipping, the spool is constructed with a machined aluminum carbon fiber drag system to deliver consistent pressure.

The Sougayilang fishing rod combo comes with a telescopic rod, spinning reel, and a carrier bag that great for storage and carrying.

You can find the Sougayilang combo on Amazon for $58.99.



Plusinno combo


Plusinno Rod and Reel Combo

The Rod

This telescopic rod is constructed using a high-density carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass making it durable and strong.

The handle uses EVA fore grip for comfort and stability allowing more control.

The reel seat is stainless steel and anti-corrosive against saltwater fishing elements. Gear ratio of 5.2:1 with a large aluminum spool.

Instant anti-reverse: power drive gear equipped for high strength when reeling in those fighting fish.

The Reel

Plusinno reels are made with CNC machine cut collapsible handles. The standard 12+1 ball bearings are corrosion resistant against the saltwater elements.

This full kit is perfect for the beginner angler without the confusion of the type of gear needed to enjoy a day of fishing. Fits perfectly in your car, backpack, or boat, unlike the non-collapsible rods that can become tangles easily.

You can find the Plusinno Rod and Reel on Amazon for $39.98.





Daiwa presso 4pk rod

Amazon’s Choice

Daiwa Presso Ultralight Pack Spinning Rod 4-piece.

First, understand that the review for the Daiwa is a 2-parter. The rod and reel are separated in this review but are compatible.


The Daiwa spinning rod is compatible with the Daiwa Revros LT Spinning Reels mentioned next. They are super lightweight and shock absorbing to handle strong fish on ultra-fine lines.

Daiwa has created the lightest and highly sensitive rod in the range of weight. Making it the lightest spinning rod option for the traveling angler.

The rods are constructed with 4 pieces IM-7 Graphite giving them strength and durability to handle even the feistiest fish. It’s great for catching light to medium-sized fish.

Collapsing and reassembling the Daiwa Presso rods are very simple and convenient to pack into your backpack and head off to a new favorite fishing destination.

The Presso Pack rod breaks down into 4 sections making for easy storage and transport to your next fishing destination. Its constructed with IM-7 graphite ensuring optimal strength and durability and can take a beating day in and day out.

The handle has a comfort grip made of cork to ensure proper grip and avoidance of slipping out of your hands when in battle.

There is a semi-hard travel case for ease of transport and protection of the rod. Unfortunately, the reel is not included (purchased separately) and so the case may not hold the reel too.

You can find the Daiwa Presso Ultralight Pack Spinning Rod on Amazon for $57.50.





Daiwa Revros Spinning reel

Amazon’s choice

Daiwa Revros LT Spinning Reels 

The Daiwa Revros LT Spinning Reels are much easier on the wallet. The reel is lightweight, rugged and may be perceived like it is a high-end costly reel.

In fact, it is weighted and performs much similar to those costing $600 or more, the composite material gives you that feel without it breaking the bank.

The handle of the reel is pre-equipped with a machined aluminum handle giving it the smooth flowing of power to the main gear. Revros employs an “Air Rotor” design weighing up to 15 percent less than ordinary rotor designs and with its unique shape, the weight of the reel is distributed evenly for maximum strength.

The light composite housing greatly improves the strength to weight ratio while still providing a solid framework for the powerful gearing. This lightweight and tough reel lets a fish take off with the bait while feeling little to no resistance.

You can find the Daiwa Revros LT Spinning Reel on Amazon for $39.95.





Ugly Stik GX2 Combo


Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Combo

The Shakespeare UglyStik GX2 spinning combo offers a better balance for a lighter feel.

Constructed with the lightweight combination of graphite and fiberglass giving this rod more sensitivity along with strength and durability.

Combined with a highly durable Shakespeare fishing reel makes this a great combo for new anglers alike.

The Rod

UglyStik rod is made with graphite and fiberglass, the sturdy but flexible rod can handle any fishing conditions its put up against.
Ugly tuff guides are constructed with stainless steel to eliminate the rings from breaking off. The guides can be used with the strong braided line or fluorocarbon, and mono fishing lines.

The tip-top is designed for extra strength and added sensitivity, detecting even the faintest nibbles perfect for when those sneaky fish like to tease you.

The grips are constructed with the same EVA material ensuring durability and ergonomic comfort all day with a modern look. Ensuring you have a great experience, the grips are balanced to improve range of motion and assist to keep fatigue to a minimum.

The Reel

Delivering smooth and powerful performance the UglyStik’s spinning reel with its ratio of 5.2:1 is dependability you can trust for years.
Constructed with machined double-anodized aluminum spool and oversized compression bail springs, the 4 ball bearings help ensure smooth operation and delivery of near-instantaneous hook sets.

You can find the Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning on Amazon for $49.99.

This one is my choice, however, I prefer the one aesthetically pleasing model for women such as The GX2 spinning combo.




KastKing Brutus Spinning Combo

KastKing Brutus Spinning Combo.

Here’s a combo that is Brute tough and durable but lightweight enough to handle extreme fishing conditions, if your an angler who likes to test the limits. With a graphite frame, hard fighting fish don’t stand a chance against this beast.

The Rod

The KastKing rod features a strike-tip designed for early strike detection during dim light conditions.
The rods come in lengths from 5’ to 7’ long and has a power rating of light to medium-heavy.

Along with a durable lightweight rod, Brutus components are just as durable. Only using stainless-steel running line guides, framing the rod with corrosion-resistant rings for saltwater fishing.

The Brutus rod handle is cushioned sufficiently for your all-day-long fishing adventures. With EVA material for the grip and foregrip, It is easy to clean, durable and does not break or crack when under extreme temperatures. Giving you the best leverage for landing large fish.

The tip-top guide ring is made with Zirconium Oxide ideal for braided, fluorocarbon, and mono fishing lines.

The Reel

The spinning reel seat is kept firmly in place under heavy pressure due to the graphite material it encompasses.
The Brutus spinning reel is composed of CNC aluminum spool, 4+1 performance bar bearings with a strong, yet lightweight graphite frame, rotor, and handle, for a smooth powerful drag and perfectly matched to fit the rod.

With a ratio of 5.0:1, the Brutus spinning reel performs comparably well to other top-notch valued reels without the huge ticket price.

Featuring a zinc alloy main gear and a brass pinion gear gives this reel durability and less noise. With a remarkably smooth, adjustable, multi-disc drag system that delivers up to 17.5-pound run-stopping drag power. Also, with an instant anti-reverse bearing for quick hook sets, you are sure to land a fish.

Reliability You Can Trust – You can count on the NEW KastKing Brutus spinning reel to be ready to fish when you are. KastKing is committed to building trouble-free spinning reels that will deliver hassle-free performance year after year.

You can find the KastKing Brutus Spinning on Amazon for $49.99.



I hope you enjoyed my review of the best rod and reels for saltwater fishing. If you have any comments or anything you would like to add, please leave a comment below, thank you.

Though I’m very new to the website building thing and creating this site about a sport that I am passionate about. With time and patience, it will improve. Please be patient with me and come back from time to time to see how I’m doing.


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